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Welcome to Brian's Custom Tackle!

I build and design custom hair jigs, tungsten ice fishing jigs, bladed jigs, marabou jigs, finesse jigs, silicone jigs, hybrid jigs and more including feathered treble hooks and weedless ned heads.


All of my products are handcrafted one by one using my favorite high quality hooks, hardware and materials.

I take pride in creating something different and unique that is not seen in your local fishing stores. I throw my own twist on all my designs and they are not made to replicate others work.

Check out the "product" drop down menu for details about each product and visit the site store for what's available.

Most of my work is custom to order. Alot of what's on the site store are products I've made in my free time but lately have been steadily busy working on custom orders.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, custom orders, ideas, requests or fishing in general.

Thanks for looking!


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