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These designs you will not see anywhere else!​

I created these aimed to target panfish, but many species will bite these!

These jigs are built on 2 different size tungsten teardrop heads:

4mm size holds a size #14 hook

5mm size holds a size #12 hook

Small fish bite the 5mm size so I have never had the desire to use 3mm sizes. 

These jigs are built to last you a lifetime!

All eye-holes on my jigs are OPEN for line to enter through and not painted over like a lot of store bought tungsten you see.

I usually add a variety of soft plastic trailers in my choice of color.

Adding live bait like waxworms and minnow heads are also an effective option.

All "GLOW" variants will need to be charged with a strong UV flashlight or sunlight in order for them to have a glowing effect.  Depending on the color of glow will determine the amount of time they glow.  All glow variants work great even during the daytime or without a charge.

I do not provide custom ordering of these old designs! All are limited time drops when they go live on the website.

Tungsten Ice Jigs

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