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CraW HAIR Jigs

Not your ordinary bass jig!  This is my take on a crawfish presentation.

Aimed for river smallmouth but will work with many other species.

Built for Spring/Fall cooler waters when you don't want to present fast moving jig trailers.

A hair jig with the same weedless and non-weedless head styles of standard bass jigs but built

 using top quality bucktails, maribou feathers, rabbit/squirrel furs, craft furs and other materials.

This style jig presents a "buggy" life-like appearance in the water that triggers that instinctive reaction bite when spotted.

The hairy claws provides very life-like action when hopped off the bottom and even subtle action underwater when sitting still.

There is no need to go out and buy plastic craw trailers to add to these.

They were built with intentions for smallmouth in cooler waters but all kinds of species have been caught using these including largemouth, pike, walleye, drum and trout.

All jigs are hand-poured, filed to smoothness, powder painted, baked in an oven to harden the paint and then hand tied from scratch.

Medium strength fiber weedguards are now epoxied into the head and pre-trimmed. I also epoxy in wire weedguards.

I do not build these fast or in mass quantities. Each jig gets built slowly, durable, and proportioned. 

Once fished the rabbit claws and bodies will soak with water.

I advise letting them air dry. They can also be dried with a hair dryer, squeezed out or air canned that will bring them back to their original "fluffy" look instantly.


ARKY head sizes:   1/4,  3/8 & 1/2 oz.

ARKY head hook sizes: 3/0 - 5/0 (Mustad)

ROUND head sizes:  1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 & 7/16 oz.

ROUND head hook sizes: 3/0 - 4/0 (Mustad)

FOOTBALL head sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz. 

FOOTBALL head hook sizes: 1/0 - 5/0 (Mustad)

*Football jigs will have a shorter shank and thicker gauge hook.

*Gamakatsu/VMC/Owner Hooks may be used on football heads if specially ordered.

Depending on size of the head, a smaller/bigger hook may be used. 

Please ask if you have questions regarding hook model or size.

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